This Week’s Comics: A Murder of Crows Wants to Murder Us All

Oh, right, comics.

Apologies for the little gap in comic reviews for the last few weeks. I got hit with a weird wave of vertigo—the medical condition, not the DC imprint—and I’ve been slowly regaining my land legs ever since. The best guess at what happened is that I “sit funny,” to use a technical term, and my years of slouching have caused a muscle tension that compressed a bunch of stuff in my ear and made me lose balance. I don’t know how a tense shoulder blade connects to the tiny spirals in my ears, but honestly, everything in the human body is such a mystery to me that if someone in a lab coat told me that clipping my toenails causes snoring I’d just nod credulously and go looking for a nail file.

Anyway. I’m feeling better now. Only falling over a little bit. Able to read, and able to write, to the extent that I was ever able to. Comic reviews may now resume. Don’t all cheer at once.

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