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What are the Top 5 Gold IRA companies ranked in 2022?

When it comes to finding the best Gold IRA company for your
goals and retirement plan, you have a lot to consider. While there are dozens
of companies out there to choose from, finding the best company really comes
down to one thing: customer satisfaction. What is everyone else saying about the
Gold IRA companies that are out there? How are the top 5 Gold IRA companies of
2022 ranked, and why do people choose those specific companies?

We’ve found the top five Gold IRA companies of 2022 and
ranked them by customer satisfaction, based on reviews, testimonials, and how
customers respond to their staff.

#1 Top Pick – Gold Alliance

Our #1 top choice for
gold IRA companies in 2022 is Gold Alliance
. Gold Alliance prides itself on
how much time and consideration they put into each individual client. For Gold
Alliance, customers aren’t transactions, fees, and dollar amounts; their
clients are family.

Gold Alliance knows that their customers come from all walks
of life, and all of them have different financial backgrounds. That’s why they
take the time to learn about each individual’s personal experience with
finances and what their financial goals are for retirement and their legacy.

Executive team members at Gold Alliance take the time to
connect with customers on the most important level: the personal level. They
don’t have a pushy or hard sales strategy. Instead, they work hard to educate
each and every client to the fullest extent before aiding in the precious
metals acquisition process, opening a Gold IRA, or rolling over a portion of an
IRA into a Gold IRA.

Not only does Gold Alliance offer great customer service,
the relationship you build with your Account Executive doesn’t end after your
transaction. As a matter of fact, your Account Executive is available to you
for any questions you may have about your experience, gold, precious metals,
Gold IRAs, and so much more.

#2 Oxford Gold Group

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Oxford Gold Group is
at the top of many people’s lists. They focus mainly on customer education,
which allows you to ask any specific questions pertaining to your situation.

They even keep a lot of great educational materials on their
website for you to refer to as you go through the process of choosing precious
metals, rolling over your IRA or 401k, and getting your Gold IRA.

Many of Oxford Gold Group’s clients mention the honesty of
the Account Executives and the transparency of the company. This is a good
sign, as those looking to invest in gold don’t necessarily need to be “sold” on
the importance of precious metals; what they really need is honesty from their
gold suppliers.

#3 Lear Capital

If you’re looking for an experience that makes you feel like
you have a friend more than a financial broker, many would recommend you turn
to Lear Capital.

Lear Capitals reviews and customer testimonials all point to
one very clear reason people choose Lear: They create relationships with their
clients. Just like with other gold companies, the client connection is one of
the most important aspects of precious metals acquisitions for Lear Capital.

They spend the time with you to help you learn about
precious metals investments without rushing you into making such an important
decision. However, if you’re in a hurry to start your Gold IRA process, they
also work quickly and efficiently to help you get started on your retirement
goals immediately.

#4 American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold has a long list of celebrities who
trust them. These celebrities include Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” and Rudy
Giuliani. But the real gold comes in when you consider that American Hartford
Gold is one of knowledge leaders of the industry.

Many of their customers note how educated their senior staff
is and how willing those experts are to share their knowledge with all of their

Additionally, American Hartford Gold has over 1,000 reviews
on Trustpilot and maintains an Excellent rating.

#5 Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group loves to educate their clients. They spend
a lot of time showing their customers the ins and outs of gold and other
precious metals investments. For them, being committed to customer education is
a key aspect in the success of any top five Gold IRA company.

Many of their customers note that Birch Gold Group has a
secure process and answers questions about personal financial situations to
help them through the process of opening a Gold IRA.

Additionally, Birch Gold Group holds profiles on several
review sites, including BBB, Google Reviews, and Trustpilot. They hold several
5-star ratings for process, efficiency and knowledge.

Which Gold IRA Company is right for you in 2022?

If you are looking for the ultimate customer satisfaction
with your Gold IRA company, choose the company that helps you through each step
of the way. Also look for the company that prides itself on forming
relationships with their clients that don’t end after the transaction is made.

For our review, Gold Alliance shows to be the top Gold IRA
company of 2022.

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