Fungus fashion: Mushrooms used as an alternative to animal leather

Mushroom leather: Lab-grown biomaterials challenge animal hides in the fashion world 05:04 Out west, where cattle ranches have long held sway, cowhide leather may be losing its luster.  “You can’t grow a cow to spec,” said MycoWorks co-founder Sophia Wang. “Cows just do what they do. So, that is what’s remarkable about a natural material … Read more

New Black Wristbands Designated For Visitors Condemned To Spend Eternity At Water Park

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX—Dooming parkgoers to an eternity of family fun in the sun, a new black wristband was unveiled Friday for visitors condemned to spend the rest of time at Schlitterbahn Waterpark. “We are happy to offer our new accursed black wristbands to those damned to endlessly wander the world’s largest and most eclectic collection … Read more

Thrifting is becoming a social media megatrend. These popular Toronto personalities are leading the way

The popularity of thrifting is soaring. And it’s not just about inflation driving up prices for everything, including consumer goods like clothing. Second-hand shopping — never an unknown option for people on a budget — has evolved into the go-to place for the fashion-forward. And sharing your thrifted finds has become something of a sport … Read more

Models allege they were sexually assaulted by French fashion titan Gerald Marie:

A former titan of the fashion industry is facing multiple accusations of sexual assault. Fifteen women have gone to the French authorities with allegations of sexual assault against Gerald Marie, who for decades was one of the most powerful men in the world of modeling. Two of his accusers, Laurie Marsden and Lisa Brinkworth, shared … Read more

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