Surveillance video captures shootout near Temple’s campus that injured 8-year-old girl, man

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Temple University is warning students to be aware of their surroundings after a rash of violent crimes near campus. The most recent was Thursday night when a little girl was shot.

Just this week, police responded to an armed home invasion, an armed robbery and Thursday’s shooting, all of it near Temple’s campus and all of it concerning Temple students.

Security video shows multiple gunmen firing nearly 50 shots at a moving Sedan traveling along North 13th Street near Temple University Thursday night, alarming students nearby.

“It was rapid shots actually,” sophomore Jazmin Pratt said. “And as I was looking out my window, I can see students running.”

As students ran for safety, an 8-year-old girl was struck by a bullet. It grazed her head. Her family says she’s now home recovering.

“She was still awake when they had gotten her, telling me she was bleeding,” Willomena White, the victim’s grandmother, said, “so she was aware of what was going on so I was grateful for that.”

Another stray bullet pierced the window of a Temple dorm. No students were hit by the gunfire.

This folds into a string of violent crimes near Temple’s campus.

Days before on Tuesday night, police say an armed robbery and an armed home invasion happened both near Temple’s campus. One of them targeted a Temple student.

“It’s just sad,” Pratt said. “I don’t go anywhere alone. I make sure I’m with at least more than three people.”

Grad student Jared Krieger says he tries to avoid certain areas.

“You just gotta be smart, I guess,” Krieger said. “Just know where you are and try to have a buddy with you at all times.”

“The number one priority is safety,” Jennifer Griffin, Temple University’s vice president of public safety, said.

CBS Philadelphia saw down with Griffin last month. She said communication is the biggest thing in keeping students safe.

“Ongoing struggle, right? Challenge,” Griffin said. “I think communication is the most important thing.”

On Friday, Griffin sent an email to the Temple community, reminding them to be aware of their surroundings, utilize the university’s walking escorts, which are security officers and sign up for TUAlerts.

“They’ve done everything they can to make it safer for the students,” senior Kenney Rivera said. “And I enjoy going to school here. I feel safe here.”

The Temple University Police Association is hosting a Stop the Violence peace walk Sunday at 11:30 a.m. It starts at Bright Hope Baptist Church and ends at the Bell Tower on campus.

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