Scholz: Partial mobilisation in Russia is “act of desperation”

Berlin (dpa) – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has described the order for partial mobilisation in Russia as an “act of desperation”. “Russia cannot win this criminal war,” Scholz said in New York on Wednesday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin had “completely underestimated” the situation from the start – both in terms of the Ukrainians’ will to resist and of the unity of Ukraine’s friends.

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock accused Putin of a brutal attack on the United Nations and world peace. Putin is not only waging his war with tanks, energy and food, Baerbock said in New York. “Now the Russian president is also waging his war by means of fear.” She explained however that the German government was “not guided by fear, but by responsibility” – responsibility towards the peace order in Europe and towards the people in Ukraine.

In a televised address, the Russian President had ordered a partial mobilisation of his own armed forces. Over the past few days, the Ukrainian army had pushed back Russian troops in Ukraine, in some cases considerably.

Baerbock criticised the fact that Putin had chosen the week of the UN General Assembly of all times to ride roughshod over the UN Charter. She said that in making his announcement, the Russian president was attacking not only Ukraine, but also world peace. The minister emphasised: “That is why we will continue our support for the people in Ukraine and, together with the international community, ensure that human lives are saved in Ukraine.”

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