Mutiny Information Cafe, a South Broadway staple, forced to shut down over back taxes

The counter-cultural hub has been trying to get back on its feet after a pandemic, a co-owner’s nearly fatal heart attack, and vandalism.

Mutiny Information Cafe, a counter-cultural gathering spot at 2 South Broadway, has had a rough couple of years.

There was the pandemic. Co-owner Matt Megyesi’s heart stopped working, and he was hospitalized for months and nearly died. The front door and windows have been smashed.

Now, the business, which expanded to Trinidad, Colorado in October 2020, owes back taxes, and the city has shut it down until it pays up. Co-owner Jim Norris announced the closure on a GoFundMe page launched Thursday night.

Mutiny Information Cafe co-owner Matt Megyesi running the shop's coffee counter.
David Sands

“Coming out of Covid has been hard on all small businesses and humans across the world,” Norris and Kyle Sutherland wrote on the fundraising page. “For us, with Matt’s unfortunate heart attack and miraculous but slow recovery, it has been a particularly hard time to recover from — as he is the brains behind the money while Jim has always been the heart behind the vibe.”

The shop has done more to support the poetry, podcasting and underground music scene than most Denver businesses. It has hosted free events and has been a safe-haven for all types of people looking for a cup of coffee and a chance to browse books, comics and records or just sit and chat with fellow misfits.

Mutiny Information Cafe on South Broadway. Feb. 16, 2022.
Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite

“We want to stay open and continue to serve our community to the best of our ability and always grow and improve to be a haven amidst the continual chaos of the modern world and all of its malaise,” the GoFundMe post stated. “It is time to dig deep as a community and support each other so that another Denver icon doesn’t disappear in the whirlwind of gentrification, new development, and big business. We have always tried our best to be a hub of information, an underground network of mutual aid and support – and right now we need the people of our changing city to help us continue to serve you as not just a cafe/venue/bookstore/huge garage sale, but as neighbors and fellow human beings.”

The store said it has 30 days to catch up on taxes or it will shut down for good.





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