Manage your health and fitness with Fitbit Versa 4 and Sense 2

Stress less with Sense 2

Sense 2 takes Fitbit’s stress tracking tools even further, with a new Body Response sensor to track continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) for all-day stress management right from your wrist. Along with cEDA, it uses metrics like heart rate, heart rate variability and skin temperature to help you better understand when your body experiences potential signs of stress. That way, you can be aware of your potential triggers and create a stress management practice to build your resilience over time. Following a Body Response notification, Sense 2 recommends different ways to manage stress in the moment including mood logging, guided breathing, mindfulness sessions, on-wrist or in the Fitbit app. 

In addition to the Body Response sensor, the smartwatch is equipped with Fitbit’s other sensors to deliver a holistic view of your overall health. We’ve used a technique that turns metal into vapour, allowing us to integrate the metal electrodes of these sensors directly into the display glass of the device. This creates an even more simplified, streamlined look without sacrificing our technology.

All new accessories for smart style

We’re introducing a second collection of bands from Brother Vellies. Designed by Brother Vellies Founder Aurora James for Fitbit, these woven leather bands are now available in black and oak.

Additional 24mm attach accessories to style your Fitbit smartwatches include three new infinity bands in blue mist, pink sand and waterfall blue, sport bands in glow up/frost white and sea blue/ocean,, vegan leather bands in flax and indigo and Horween® leather band in garnet colour. All new accessories work with the newest smartwatches, and Fitbit Sense and Versa 3. 

Versa 4 is available for $379.95 and Sense 2 is available for $449.95 (NZD), and both include a six-month Premium membership (for new or returning customers). Beginning today, pre-order Versa 4 and Sense 2 online at and select retailers including JB H-Fi, Harvey Norman, Noel Leeming, with worldwide availability this spring. 

Caption: Choose from a wide range of accessories to match your style. Easily switch up your band for a more elevated look with new colours of infinity, sport, premium Horween® leather or vegan leather bands – perfect for any occasion.  

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