Letters to the Editor, June 23, 2022

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“PM interfered with shooting probe, inquiry told” (Brian Lilley, June 22): How many criminal acts does our prime minister do before (a) his conscience tells him to resign, (b) his party demands he resign, (c) the house brings forward a motion of non-confidence, (d) the NDP leadership abandon their current position of backing the PM, (e) Liberal voters feel shame in continuing with their leader in his decisions, one of which he has put Canada in debt that will impact two generations.

Wayne Smith

(If this is she alone doesn’t push the NDP to abandon their half baked scheme to prop up the Liberals, then what will it take? Jagmeet Singh hasn’t answered this question)


In reference to our hypocrite friend Sebastian Vettel, I think the Toronto Sun is being too harsh on the German Formula One driver. In revealing himself to be somewhat of a nincompoop, he’s done the world a favour by confirming one of physicist and Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein’s theories: ‘The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.’

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David Honigsberg

(Very true)


Re “If Trump committed ‘insurrection,’ indict him already” (Larry Elder, June 20): By comparing the carnage on Capitol Hill with the unrest that spread across the country in the summer of 2020 — that was incomparably much more costly in property damage, injuries and lives lost, Elder might also be showing us what could be fueling the general distrust of and hopelessness from the Democrats by the Republicans: Democrats’ persistent coddling of the ‘oppressed’ even as they refuse to see this approach has only left the disadvantaged in ever worse condition.

Arif Uddin

(The January 6th committee seems determined to charge former President Trump – for something)

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What a pair of immature people these two turned out to be. Meghan is a trouble-making complainer and control freak and Harry is a sheep that’s led around by his nose by his unhappy spouse. From the time they got married — which was mistake No. 1 — Meghan has complained constantly about not being in the leading role and spotlight within the Royal Family. She knew before she said ‘I do’ that her plan was to get Harry away from his family and heritage, the same way she alienated her family. Unfortunately, our boy Harry was not bright enough to see the writing on the wall or the forest for the trees, otherwise he might have used the head on his shoulders to think things through before following his hormones. They disrespect the Royal Family, the Queen, and the U.K. through a self-centred interview on television and make wild, unfounded accusations against Harry’s family, then when the people they insult and abandon do not want them around any longer these two say they have been slighted. Unbelievable. We have heard enough about these two trouble-making adolescents and it is time to move on and report on more positive role models. These two have chosen their life’s path and completely deserve each other and are entitled to wallow in their paranoid lifestyle.

Dan O’Brien
Midland, Ont.

(They have acted deplorably)

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