I’m a makeup artist – my ‘magical stick’ will give an instant eye lift

A MAKEUP pro has found a way to brighten and lift her eyes with her “magical stick” to brighten and lift her eyes

The “magical stick” can also be used on the lips to stop lipstick bleeding.


Jentri Quinn showed a highlighting hack that will make you look more awakeCredit: TikTok
Jentri Quinn used a highlighter underneath her brow bone to brighten the eye overall


Jentri Quinn used a highlighter underneath her brow bone to brighten the eye overallCredit: TikTok

Jentri Quinn, an esthetician, shared on TikTok a beauty hack that can instantly lift and brighten the eyes.

Quinn used a product from her own brand called Brow Highlighter by Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin, costing $22.

She applied the highlighter stick on her brown bone and the inner corner of her eye.

The difference is clearly shown as she showed the contrast between the right eye and the left eye.

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Quinn said: “If you’re 40 and you haven’t tried this yet, you’re missing out.”

She advised people to put the highlighter underneath the brow bone for an instant lift.

“This is instantly going to give an eye lift. It’s also going to cover up any imperfections, any veins, any stray hairs…” Quinn said.

Although the product is called Jentri Quinn Matte Beige Brow Highlighter, she also calls it the ‘Everything Highlighter.”

Another great highlighting product is from Drew Barrymore.

A TikToker said Drew Barrymore‘s makeup brand Flower is a great dupe for a popular Charlotte Tillbury highlighter.

In a video comparing the two, makeup expert Kelly Strack used the Flower Beauty Spotlight Liquid Highlighter, which costs $13, on one side of her face.

On the other side of her face, she used the Pillow Talk Beauty Light Wand from Charlotte Tilbury.

Though the Charlotte Tilbury wand is “stunning,” the TikToker said it retails for $40.

After comparing the two sides of her face, Kelly concludes that the two highlighters look “nearly identical.”

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