Dump Truck Flies off I-8 Ramp in Mission Valley

Rescuers were called out to the Morena Boulevard off-ramp of Interstate 8 west on Thursday after a dump truck tore through a bridge railing and plunged to the San Diego riverbed below.

The truck plunged over the left-hand side of the off-ramp at a little after 10:14, according to Caltrans officials. The fall to the ground at that point is about 20 feet.

The truck left a field of debris in the off-ramp that will need to be cleaned up. A half-dozen fire trucks are parked on Morena Boulevard, with workers down on the riverbed below and a patrol car is at the site of the accident on the off-ramp, blocking traffic.

It’s not yet clear if or how seriously the driver of the dump truck was injured, but officials did say he was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The presence of emergency responders on the site and repair crews has prompted the closure of the ramp for at least three hours, officials said.

Check back here for updates on this breaking-news story — Ed.

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