Nord Stream pipeline leaks: What happened, what’s the impact?

Sudden and unexplained gas leaks detected in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines from Russia to Germany have prompted investigations by European countries into the cause amid fear of possible sabotage. Denmark’s armed forces on Tuesday released video showing bubbles rushing to the surface of the Baltic Sea above the pipelines, and said the … Read more

Nord Stream Gas Leaks A “Terrorist Attack” By Russia: Ukraine

The pipelines have been at the centre of geopolitical tensions in recent months. (File) Kyiv: Ukraine said Tuesday that reported gas leaks on the Nord Stream pipelines linking Russia and Europe were likely the result of a “terrorist attack” carried out by Moscow. “The large-scale ‘gas leak’ from Nord Stream 1 is nothing more than … Read more

VIDEO : Protesters oppose Abe’s state funeral honour

Hundreds of people marched peacefully through central Tokyo on Tuesday towards the hall where former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s state funeral was being held to show their opposition to the event. One sign read in English: “We say No to state funeral”, with an image of a power salute fist.   The protesters said the legality … Read more

Keir Starmer used his party conference speech to sharpen his message and go heavy on patriotism in a pitch to ‘hero voters’

As an exercise in party management, this has been the most successful conference for Labour since Tony Blair’s last in 2006. There was buyer’s remorse the moment Gordon Brown took over in 2007; the conferences of the Ed Miliband years left deeper scars than evident in public; and that was nothing compared to the civil … Read more

Landmines, cluster bombs remain a deadly threat in Syria

Binnish, Syria – Bassam al-Mustafa thought that he had finally found his family a building they could call home, after years of attempting to escape Syria’s war. The house in Binnish, in rural Idlib province, was not finished, but would still be better than living in a tent in a camp for displaced people. Instead, … Read more