10 Best 2D Animation Software to Create Animated Video Online

a content creator is a constant cycle of creating and marketing your art for
the world to see. 2D animations are a great way to spice up your videos and add
a touch of your personality to the final product.

you looking to create mind-blowing animated videos? Well, you’re in the right
place. We will be discussing 10 of the very best free 2D animation software to
help you create great quality animations.

1. Doratoon

list starts as strong as it can get with Doratoon.
It is an online video editing software that has, within it, a multitude of
royalty-free images and videos, animations, tools, and templates that you can
use in your videos.

What Makes Doratoon the Best Free 2D Animation

is one of the best 2D animation software you can find online, and here is why:

offers an intuitive interface that also enables editors with no technical
background to create an extraordinary 2D animation. Each feature is easily
accessible and there is no latency issue whatsoever during the editing phase.

offers a useful AI dubbing or text-to-speech feature that cuts costs on your
video production. There is no need to hire a voiceover artist when you have
Doratoon with you!

  • Wide
    Variety of Templates and Characters

Doratoon, you can access an extensive library of animated characters for free
to add to your video making it easier for you to deliver the message to the
audience. Moreover, it offers dynamic controls to alter the movement of animated characters.

you can use several built-in templates from Doratoon that are customizable.
Moreover, there are 100M+ Stock photos and videos available.

How to Make an Animation for Free with Doratoon?

You can
follow an easy step-by-step guide to creating your 2D animated video in

Step 1: Use a Template

Choose to
Create a New Video and choose the orientation you want your video to be in.
Once you have done this, you can start adding scenes to your video. You can
also select templates to make animations inside Doratoon’s interface.

Step 2: Editing

You can
now edit your video with Doratoon’s props, characters, and all-inclusive music

Step 3: Share

you’re happy with the way it looks, you can download the video and simply
export it. Once it is done exporting, you can download the video and share it
wherever you please.

2. Powtoon

is an editing software focused more on animated presentations. Powtoon is a
great software to use if you are looking to market a product or if you require
rich visuals to help explain complex subjects to a crowd.

provides its users with a wide range of animations and an expansive visual
asset library that can be used to create professional and engaging video


  • Variety
    of animated characters that are also customizable
  • In-built
    gallery of templates
  • Library
    of stock images and videos
  • Several
    animations and graphics

you want to create engaging, fun, neat, and professional visual presentations,
Powtoon is the way to go.

3. Animaker

is the perfect tool for you, whether you are a professional or casual video
creator. Its versatile tools and easy maneuver user-friendly interface make it
an easy software for people with limited editing knowledge.

has a very easy-to-understand character builder tool that allows users to
create entire characters simply by changing their features and their
accessories. This helps create unique characters for each content creator and
makes an excellent interactive presentation.


  • 100M+
    stock photos and videos
  • Template
  • Easy
    to use
  • Customizable
    animated characters
  • Expansive
    library of graphics
  • Unique
    features to enable editing

you’re trying to dip your toes into 2D animations, Animaker is a great tool to
learn and know.

4. Biteable

is the perfect software if you want to create short but effective animations.
This is the best software for creating small adverts, promotional content, or
videos for social media. It aims to attract the audience to a larger product.

it is software aimed at social media content creators, its interface is also fashioned
to help navigate easily and quickly. Biteable is an easy-to-learn software.

features include:

  • Social
    media-ready templates
  • Thousands
    of stock images and videos
  • Easy
    sharing and team building

5. Vyond

by professionals and amateurs alike for marketing and educational purposes,
Vyond is one of the best web-based software. You do not have to download the
software on your PC. All you need is a stable internet connection.


  • In-built
    template gallery and customizable stock video clips and images
  • Automatic
    lip-sync allows for interactive content
  • You
    can easily embed the video on other platforms
  • Split
    screen images are a good option when you have to show a comparison
  • Text-to-speech
    tools offer voices that do not sound like robots
  • With
    the color picker tool, you can match the colors from your logo or any other

6. Moovly

is another cloud-based software where you can create and edit your videos. With
cloud-based software, you do not have to worry about having storage space on
your PC. You can easily create content on a strong internet connection.

it is designed mainly for marketing content, such as promo and explainer
videos. However, the wide variety of features available can also be used for
educational purposes. Also, it offers A mobile application accessible  on the Google Play and Apple Store- this
comes in handy when you are on the go


  • An
    array of editing tools
  • Stock
    images, graphics, background sounds and music library
  • Team
    collaboration option
  • Tutorials
    are available on the website if you get stuck somewhere
  • You
    can easily change the color of any clipart or remove backgrounds

7. Renderforest

Renderforest, you can create videos for professional uses such as commercials,
YouTube videos, music visualizations, animations, and training videos. You can
also use it for personal videos, such as a wedding slideshow or a throwback

is cloud-based software, so it does not have to be installed. You can access
your account from any device with an internet connection. Since it is mainly
geared toward professional use, it has many exciting and advanced features.


  • Customizable,
    in-built template library
  • A
    wide variety of color palettes
  • Text
    to speech tool is very advanced. It sounds like a real human, not a robot
  • Unlimited
    options of fonts

8. Animoto

is also a web-based animation software. You can easily create videos using this
program. What makes it different from other animation software is that you can
also make videos with pictures.

music in the background to create an engaging slideshow. It can also be used
for video presentations. It can be used for professional, educational, and
personal purposes.


  • In-built
    template gallery with unlimited themes and styles are available to choose from.
  • Several
    text settings are possible – color, font, size, style, orientation,
    transparency, justification, etc.
  • Audio
    settings include trimming, looping, volume adjustment, voice-over, etc.
  • Different
    aspect ratios are available for all social media platforms

9. Filmora

is one of the most known video animation software among beginners and experts
both. It has many innovative features that make it stand out.

can even access the tutorials on its website. It is a cross-platform software
with accessibility on desktop and mobile phones.


  • In-built
    templates, transitions, and animated characters
  • Editing
    tools include keyframes, motion tracking, masks, audio ducking, and many more
  • Auto
    montage creator is its most unique feature
  • Screen
    recorder option
  • With
    AI portrait, you can easily remove backgrounds
  • Speech
    to Text tool will accurately add subtitles of your voice over

10. Adobe Animate

is part of the Adobe Cloud suite. It is geared toward professionals, and as a
beginner, it will take time to navigate the interface. It is designed to be an
improvement on Adobe Flash.

its unique features, you can make animations for SVG animation, HTML5 Canvas,
WebGL, and many more.


  • You
    can export the video in many formats
  • Sync
    your audio with the video
  • A
    wide variety of fonts and text styles, and settings are available
  • It
    will automatically sync the mouth poses with the tone of the voice
  • 360
    VR animations can be exported to create ads


creating and editing can seem daunting, so we hope this list helped lift some
of the burdens off your shoulders. With these unique tools and software under
your belt, we are sure that you will be creating great content in no time.

software like Doratoon, you can edit like a pro while making unique and
engaging videos that are unlike anything else on the internet. Doratoon is a
relatively easy software to learn and can be a great way to start.

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